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Curtis Holt
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(Make sure to restart Blender after removing the previous version)

BY-GEN is a multipurpose toolkit designed to help people create artwork utilizing generative techniques within Blender.

With version 9, It has become modular and extensible through the use of additional content packs that users can create and share (even commercially).

The addon has evolved over time, initially providing a collection of modifier templates, allowing people to create interesting parametric shapes by modifying values in the modifier stack. Over time, new features were added to let people generate structures using branched and layered generation algorithms, along with a collection of fun, miscellaneous operations to play with.

With the new support of geometry nodes, the toolset has expanded to add new types of scattering, displacement, and soon structural generation methods. In time, geometry nodes should replace all of the original modifier styles, but this conversion will take time (and further updates) as the feature set of geometry nodes is expanded in Blender.

Lean more on the official web page: https://curtisholt.online/by-gen


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[Addon] BY-GEN

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