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🎉 Newsletter #25 - New SALES on Courses / Addons, FREE Plant Library for Blender, Modular Workspaces 1.5 and More!

🎉 NEW: Modular Workspaces 1.5 for Blender!

🎉 Newsletter #24 - Blender 3.4, Character Lighting Templates, BY-GEN V10, New Tutorials and More!

🎉 NEW Update for Modular Workspaces - Character Displays!

🔥 50% OFF My Blender Addons and Tools (Modular Workspaces, Modular Metals, Ambient Grunge and Much More)!

🎉 Newsletter #23 - Blender Addon (Modular Workspaces), Procedural Material Nodes, New Tutorials and More!

🎉 NEW Blender Addon: Modular Workspaces!

🎉 NEW: Holt Tools V5 for Blender! (New Workflow Features and Improved Interface)

🎉 NEW: Procedural Material Nodes for Blender 3.2!

🎉 Newsletter #22 - 20% Off Sculpting Course, New Procedural Materials, Tutorials and More!

🎉 New FREE Materials for Blender! (Community Material Pack)

🎉 Newsletter #21 - Asset Browser Packs, Shader and Geometry Node Tips, a New Startup File and More!

🎉 BY-GEN V9.1 and "Generator's Lab" Content Pack Released!

🎉 Newsletter #20 - Procedural Patterns, Generative Modeling, Microbial Styles, Blender 2022 and More!

🎉 Generative Modeling Crash Course for Blender! (Geometry Nodes)

🎉 BY-GEN V9 is now available!

🎉 Newsletter #19 - 30%-40% Course Discounts, BY-GEN V9 in Development, Blender Tips and More!

🎉 BY-GEN V9 is coming! (Biggest Update Ever - Full Geometry Nodes Integration)

🎉 Newsletter #18 - 15% Off Environment Course, Blender 3.0 Release Date, New Features and More!

🎉 Newsletter #17 - Animation Course, Lighting Tips, Motion Graphics and More!

🎉 Create a Beautiful Screen Effect in Blender!

🎉 Create Awesome Effects with Light Nodes in Blender!

🔥 Incredible NEW Animation Course for Blender - Alive! (+25% Off Early Bird Sale)

🎉 The Easiest Way to Make Addons for Blender! (Serpens + EasyBPY)

🎉 Newsletter #16 - New Tools, Procedural Moss, Unreal Engine 5 and More!

🎉 Newsletter #15 - BY-GEN V8, MASSIVE Content Drop and More!

🎉 Huge Collections of Blender Tips!

🎉 MASSIVE New Content Drop for Blender!

🎉 BY-GEN V8 - Now Available for Blender!

🎁 Newsletter #14 - Ambient Grunge V3, Building Landscapes, Geo Nodes and More!

🎉 Ambient Grunge Node - Version 3 Now Available!

🎁 Newsletter #13 - Modular Metals, New Podcast, Free Addon and More!

🎁 New: Modular Metals for Blender!

🎁 FREE New Addon For Blender! (Holt Tools)

🎁 Newsletter #12 - Nodevember, New Products and Discussion Videos!

🎁 Newsletter #11 - EEVEE Displacement, Shader Resources, Ambient Grunge Node and More!

🚀 AMAZING Shader Resources for Blender!

🚀 REALTIME Shader Displacement for EEVEE!

🚀 Sculpting Performance Improvements and Timelapse w/ Commentary

🎁 Newsletter #10 - BEST Places to Learn Blender (2.9), EasyBPY Released and More!

🎁 New: EasyBPY! (Python Made Easy for Blender)

🎁 Newsletter #9 - Create Beautiful Atmospheric Renders in EEVEE, Making Meshes with Python and More!

🚀 Update: Making Meshes with Python in Blender!

🎁 Newsletter #8 - Python Crash Course, Tips for Kitbash Libraries, Community News and More

🎁 NEW VIDEO: Tips for Building a Kitbash Library!

🎁 NEW VIDEO: Python Crash Course for Blender!

🎁 Newsletter #7 - Stylized Grass, Great New Courses for Blender (And More)

🎁 NEW VIDEO: Great NEW Courses for Blender! (And More)

🎁 Newsletter #6 - Advanced Lighting, OptiX Denoising, Jack of All Trades

🎁NEW: Advanced Lighting Tips for Cycles in Blender

🎁NEW: Creating a Character Concept in Blender (Timelapse / Commentary)

🎁NEW (Free and Paid): Modular Environment Design with Blender

🎁FREE: Create Abstract Shapes with BY-GEN!

🎁FREE: New Startup File for Blender 2.81+

🎁FREE: EEVEE PBR Demo (Blender 2.81)